A Day in Honduras

A Day in Honduras

In November of 2014 we went on a cruise to what is reportedly one of the most dangerous vacation destinations- Honduras. How did we fare? Out of all the places we visited in Central America, Roatan was our favorite. Here's why.

1. We easily rented a car (possibly illegally).

We did not have our licenses, but we were able to rent a car with our passport number for $60. The woman who handed us the keys said these wise words. "If the cops pull you over just start speaking English." 



2. There were beautiful views.

The island of Roatan is unique in that there is one main road along the entire perimeter. Since the island is so small, you can drive the entire island in one day (this was huge as we were on a cruise and regularly felt we didn't have enough time to see everything). 


3. We were reminded to appreciate what we have.

Throughout the island, particularly in more remote areas where tourists were not expected, there was a ton of garbage. It got to the point where we started to take pictures of it. It made us really sad to see trash in such beautiful places, but it also reminded us of what it takes to make a beautiful clean beach. The tourists experienced spotless sand and peaceful waves while natives had to make due with public beaches that are not maintained, and therefore covered in garbage scoured by feral dogs.


4. There are hidden gems to be found.

Try and get us to tell you where this place is and we will have no idea what to say. 

While driving around we managed to find this bar out on the water. It was tiny! And go figure- the only other people there were three Americans who had a home on the island. We enjoyed the most delicious rum punch and had a great swim (no, we do not recommend drinking and swimming). 

Hidden gem number 2?

A PUBLIC beach. While everyone on the cruise was paying $40 a person for four hours on a "private" beach, we found a totally secluded beach with free access. 

So what are we getting at?

Vacations serve a purpose, but travel creates adventure. What we mean by that is vacations may be leisurely and absolutely necessary, but travel brings out the spirit of the unexpected. By passing on the tours offered by the cruise line we were able to see a part of Roatan most tourists don't. We took a risk getting in a car and just going but we were rewarded for it. We hope you consider taking some (calculated) risks on your next vacation. You could end up with some fantastic memories!


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