Allow me to RE-introduce myself

Allow me to RE-introduce myself

I struggle with social media on a daily basis. More specifically, I struggle trying to figure out what to share on the Simply Pallets’ pages. Does anyone care about the garden? Am I sharing enough product pictures? Can I really post two baby pictures in a row?

I finally figured out the answer. YES! YES to everything!

I was scrolling through my personal Facebook page laughing out loud at some of the ridiculous pictures of our family. I smiled as I looked at some of the crazy projects we tried or the paintings that look so different from what I create now. When I share the unedited story its all encompassing in the best way, yet I am so scared about it!

I give up trying to edit when the full story is so much fun to see. So here I am, sharing some fun pictures and reintroducing all of us, as a family and as a business. I hope you enjoy it :)


Matt and I met in 2013 when we worked together at a university in Connecticut. Less than a year later we moved to North Carolina and started our business full time. We were engaged in 2015 and married in Maine in 2016. During that time frame we visited eight different countries, built and lived in a tiny house, moved 2 more times, and continued Simply Pallets. Life is crazy.

In 2017 we bought our house near the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Eight days after we closed we adopted Macy. We went to the Humane Society and as we passed her cage she walked away from her puppy pile and came to the front of the kennel alone. When she did it again the second time we passed we had to see her. We took her in a little room to meet and she immediately laid belly up. We didn’t have to see any other dog.

2017 was also the year we started our garden. We went big right away. We made a 36’ x 40’ garden, using one five-gallon bucket at a time to deliver dirt and then rocks to the rows. A few weeks later we tore down a barn on our property. Oh yeah… that’s also when we found out we were expecting.   


2018 marked the birth of our daughter (Matt likes to remind me I got a baby and he got the tractor). This entire year has been about continuing everything we started over the last 5 years and making it better. We are learning to raise a little girl. We are still going on adventures with Macy. We went for two growing seasons in the garden. Simply Pallets is still thriving. Every day we are thankful.


So that’s it. That’s the story. We are two crazy people who are making more crazy people while we live a life full of creativity, hard work, and lots of love. I hope you will continue to follow our journey, no matter how scattered our little social media account gets.

Happy Saturday <3


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