Being Mom

Being Mom

With mother’s day right around the corner I have been thinking a lot about what being a mom means to me. This is what I have learned in the last three months:

Being mom means I reheat my coffee three times a day or deal with it cold. Or forget it in the microwave. Or in another room.

Being mom means that if I wake up before Camryn I check to see if she is breathing.







Being mom means I take 14 pictures of a single moment then agonize on how I can possibly delete more than three of them.

Being mom means I hear about something happening to a child on TV so I hold her and cry while she wonders what the heck is going on.

Being mom means I wipe drool bare-handed with absolutely no hesitation.

Being mom means I can be angry one second, then in the next feel nothing but love for the crazy crying face in front of me.

Being mom means being upset that I can’t have time alone, then being sad because she’s been sleeping for three hours and I miss holding her.

Being mom means I wait for a nap so I can have a few hours to work, then spend that whole time checking on her (and probably taking more pictures).

Being mom means changing a diaper that turns into two diapers because of course she pees while I’m changing her. Then changing her clothes because the pee got on her back while she laid on the changing table. Then changing her clothes again, because now she spit up a crazy amount… a “where could that possibly have come from??” amount. Then finally wondering why I wanted this, to smiling… because she just did and that makes it worth it.

Basically, to me being mom means accepting the whole experience. There are good times and bad times, but you push on, hopefully learn something, and love your baby through all of it.

I hope all you experienced moms know how much you are loved, and all you new moms know we are in this together. And to anyone reading this who isn’t a mom- you are our supporting people and we need you too :)

Let me know what being mom means to you! And of course, have a happy Mother's day!!



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