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I have a weird amount of bad stories involving birds. I went on a tour in Jamaica as a kid and got bit by an exotic bird. A bird got into my parent’s basement while I was sleeping in it and made me think someone had snuck in- I woke up that morning to find a dead bird and poop everywhere. A tiny bird landed on my hand when I walked down the street one day and instead of being excited I was absolutely terrified wanting to yell, “help” but worried the bird would attack. Oh yeah, and the best one- once I was saying goodbye to someone with a pet bird on his shoulder which then leapt off and grabbed onto my lip with its beak. I swear these are all 100% true.

Needless to say I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of getting chickens… but I did love the thought of getting fresh eggs. When we moved into this house we inherited twelve laying hens and a rooster. I was happy about it because that was our plan anyway, but having these new pets didn’t exactly change my view on birds.

Then something very unexpected happened. Since Matt has a million things to do around the property, cleaning the coop and collecting eggs became my thing. I started doing it pretty early on and continue to do it now, a little over a year later. The crazy thing? I love it.

I normally hate chores! I am the person that dusts AROUND everything and considers a picked up house to be a clean one. Yet walking down to the coop and taking a few minutes to clean it out and collect the eggs does something for me. It gets me outside, it forces me to slow down, and it only takes a few minutes. It is so simple, but something about being in that hay-filled wooden box really calms me.

Don’t get me wrong- I still walk in every day with what is basically a log in case the rooster decides to attack. I am also still too scared of the chickens to get eggs out from under them (even though they are nice enough to hold and pet). Despite this I go out every day, breathe in the outdoors, and for a whole three minutes I relax.

So today I am encouraging you to find your chicken coop. Find your thing that for a few minutes just grounds you. Then do it! You can thank me later ;)



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