Grandpa's Blue Bird

Grandpa's Blue Bird

Every so often we get to create something that is really special. In a few days my grandpa turns 85 and as he is in New England and we are in North Carolina I will not be there to celebrate. We knew this would happen when we made the move, but sometimes it is still sad not to be with family and friends on special days.


So instead I called up grandma and asked what he might like. You may be surprised to hear that after two years of getting Simply Pallets gifts for every holiday, some people aren't too excited to try and find a space for more wall decor. Luckily, grandma said grandpa would love to have a small blue bird.


I don't normally enjoy painting on pallet wood unless it is for a sign, but this was different. Maybe it's because it was for grandpa. 



My grandpa pretty much fits all the grandpa stereotypes. He is not a big talker, he is always building something, he loves Dunkin Donuts and he will never get tired of going to Lowes Home Improvement. But my grandpa is also an artist. He is a perfectionist. And I have amazing memories with him as a child.

As the story usually goes, I stopped seeing my grandparents as much as I grew up, but there were always occasions where I would come back to visit. I didn't realize it until I looked back but a lot of these visits were seeking approval. "Meet New Boyfriend". "So this is my new job". "I'm joining the army". "I'm moving to North Carolina with someone I just met".... you know, the usual stuff. 


So when my grandpa met Matt, I was overjoyed at their connection, even if 90% of it was because he loved Matt's beard. After that, it was all about my work. I could tell that at first he was hesitant about the idea that I would be an artist rather than using the degrees I worked so hard to get. Somehow these last two years have been filled with more "I am proud of you" than any other. Knowing that my grandpa approves of our work and loves it so much that he would want it as his birthday present means the world to me. 




Sitting here in this nostalgic mood, I would love to hear little stories about loved ones in your families. Please leave your stories and your feedback in the comments, or let us know at

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