Greece 2016

Greece 2016


When you hear the name it’s almost automatic to think of Santorini- the blue roofs and the white buildings covering a mountainside only dwarfed by the expansive ocean below.  It is a scene we all know, even if just from a postcard or computer background.

So when Matt and I went to Greece as part of a Mediterranean cruise last year it was number one on my list to see. We went to Santorini and to Katakolon, both of which were beautiful, rushed (due to the cruise timeline), and slightly disappointing. We didn’t have time for a lot so some of you might be totally confused at why we felt these places were lacking, but for us the time constraints and HUGE amount of tourists made other countries like Croatia and Turkey stand out more. That being said, we did find something fun to do in Santorini- MOPED! 

After our experience riding a bike around Vietnam we were really excited for this option, and it made for an easy way to get away from the center of town and see what else Santorini had to offer. We found the beaches, we found the towns, and overall we had a great time. Watch the video to see what we mean!


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