#MyFirstStudio Challenge

#MyFirstStudio Challenge

In June of 2014 Matt made his first wine rack. That same summer I branched into wood stain art and we sold our first piece. Though Simply Pallets was not even a thought in our minds at that point, we needed a work space for our new hobby. 

Our first studio? Matt's parents' garage!

Of course we never thought that pallet decor would become a full time career, so we never thought about making a more permanent space. We made the garage work, just like we made the apartment, the tiny house, and another garage work. To date we have NEVER owned a space!

We know that a lot of Etsians and artists are in the same boat, so we want to see your first studio. How did you adapt to a space that was not meant for your small business?

Use the hashtag #myfirststudio to share!


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