Sunday Afternoon: Meeting Lynne

Sunday Afternoon: Meeting Lynne

Earlier today we got to meet Lynne. She had sent us a message on Facebook letting us know she would be in the area and so she would like to pick up a sign rather than having it mailed. Of course we welcomed the idea since we rarely get to meet anyone in person, but we had no idea how special it would be!

Lynne is from Oregon! Can you believe that? We are in a little town in North Carolina that we hadn’t even heard of prior to moving here, and it just so happened she and her husband would be near us. So on their very busy trip they took the time to stop in. When we heard that I couldn’t believe it!

Not only that- but Lynne has been following us on Facebook ! We sent her a sign a while back and she let us know how much she appreciated the sign, the thank you card, and reading our story. I told her how happy I was to know that someone other than my mom read the blog, but I hope she knows its so much more than that.

Lynne, thank you. Thank you for making us feel like rock stars who have people following our story. Thank you for taking precious time from your trip to stop in. Thank you for being so kind and giving us a huge burst of motivation. It was such a pleasure to meet you both J

To everyone else reading this, please know that hearing from you means so much to us. Sometimes we get stuck in our bubble where we only talk to people through emails or Etsy conversations and meeting people in person becomes a distant memory. So if anyone is ever in the area and you want to see our work space, the property, or just meet us- please do not hesitate to reach out! We love sharing our journey with all of you, and getting to do that in person is even better.



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