The Ultimate Question- Am I doing enough?!

The Ultimate Question- Am I doing enough?!

Normally I try to write these blogs Thursday night so I have plenty of time to check on what we did, get the pictures, organize, etc. This week I looked back and felt like there was just nothing there. Now that the barn is done we have been doing the same things over and over. Matt spends his days alternating between making canvases, watering the garden and planting who knows what, and doing yard work. I have been painting, listing, taking care of dogs (for those who don't know we have a little dog-sitting side business), and helping Matt where I can. Writing out the list makes me feel a little better, but when you are doing the same thing day after day it starts to feel like you are lacking somewhere.


Does anyone else get this way? I feel like it was the same when I had a regular job. Like yeah I was working, going to school, and going to drills every month, but what about the traveling or the extracurriculars? 


WHY IS IT SO HARD TO JUST SLOW DOWN? Why is it so hard to accept your level of business and the different waves of it without questioning? Lately I have been hearing a lot of comparisons between the US and European countries and their paid vacations and maternity leave. It makes me wonder... if we got it, would we even take it!?


I hope I am not alone here. I guess I am writing this out because I need a little reality check. Maybe that's what we all need. We all do a lot. If you wrote out a list of the top ten things you do daily why should you feel guilty if some of those tasks are for pleasure?


So, #thisweek we did all the normal stuff. We did nothing extra. And I am okay with that. 


I hope you all have a wonderful week- no matter how productive you think it actually is :)


- Alyssa

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