Celebrating 4500 Sales on Etsy

Celebrating 4500 Sales on Etsy

This year has FLOWN by, and with it has come the typical ups and downs we have come to expect with our little business. As you know the last couple months were pretty slow for us, leaving lots of time for hiking, reading, crocheting, and naps J. Now that we are ten days into November, things have definitely turned a corner.

We have officially hit the holiday rush, with double digit sales every day for about a week now. That means we are kicking into high gear! We have been preparing for the next six weeks for a while now and we are feeling ready for anything! Even better- we celebrated 4500 sales on Etsy this week!!!! We have been open for about three full years now, so that means we have averaged about 1500 sales a year that’s an average of 4 sales EVERY DAY on just one of our platforms! When I take those numbers into perspective, I feel a little ridiculous worrying about the slow times.

I tell you this not because I want a pat on the back, but because I hope to motivate you to do whatever it is that you do. Of course this message especially translates to other makers, but it can apply to anything.

When we moved down here we had no idea what would happen. For the entire first year I wanted to quit on a weekly basis! I constantly looked at job postings, questioned myself, questioned Matt, and questioned how we could possibly be crazy enough to think Simply Pallets could ever be a sustainable job. Yet here we are!

No matter how far this takes us, I want to thank YOU. We know that YOU are the reason that we can keep doing what we love. Every sale, every comment on Facebook, every review, every email- it all helps us to get better and to keep moving forward.

We cannot wait to continue to grow and share more milestones with you.

We wish you all a very happy Friday!



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