Motivation in Unexpected Places

Motivation in Unexpected Places

When we were first starting our business, every month was scary. We had no idea if anyone would like our product and the idea of getting regular sales seemed foreign. I remember looking at posts from other shops in Facebook groups talking about sales, wondering if we would ever be lucky enough to have a sale every day. During that time it was all about doing ANYTHING that could help our business grow. One of our attempts at publicity resulted in an article titled “Selling on Etsy: What’s the worst that could happen? The Simply Pallets story”. It talked about the success we had seen by quitting our jobs and jumping into the business head first. Basically, we defined success by having enough sales to pay our bills, and with that working out we felt we had made it. We truly felt we had done the impossible!

Fast forward a few years and it’s all still working out, but it hasn’t always been easy. The funny thing is that some of the best motivation we have ever received hasn’t been from sales, its been from people- usually people we haven’t even met!

This all came up because a few days ago someone took the time to tell us why he had purchased a specific sign and what the wording on that sign meant to him. It is always incredible to read a great review, read a sincere comment, or hear from a happy customer, but to have someone share something a little more personal was really amazing. I hope anyone who reaches out to us at any time realizes how much it means to us. We are just two people trying to make it doing what we love, and I truly think it has worked so well because of the support we receive from all of you.

So as noted in the article, maybe we haven’t exactly “made it”. Maybe we didn’t do it in a way that makes sense to most people. But we took the chance, and it paid off. If you are considering taking a risk or making a change our best advice is to reach out to those around you. Family and friends are always so helpful, but sometimes you can find the motivation you need from an unexpected place.

Happy Friday, everyone!



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