Preparing for spring, AND baby!

Preparing for spring, AND baby!

We are officially in the new year and we are getting ready for LOTS of changes. For the first time ever we created a seasonal calendar for the business. What does that mean? We have new products that will be released throughout the year, some of which will only be available for a few months. We are ready to get into a mode where we always have new things to show you rather than having the same inventory available year after year. We cannot wait to show you all the  new products we have in the works!

We are also prepping on the homestead side of things. We are figuring out if we want to add any chickens or other animals like ducks or goats once it gets a little warmer. Last year we started the garden a bit late since we didn’t move into our house until March and that meant we had a lot of things die or not really flourish because they were planted out of season. This year we have a chart ready so we can get seedlings started in the right months so they are ready for harvest in the peak times. That means we are expecting even more hundreds of pounds of fruits and vegetables than last year!

The biggest change? The birth of our daughter. I hit the 37 week mark on Monday and that means only a few more days until she is considered full-term by our midwives. She could be here any day! Knowing that is so exciting, but for the first time this whole pregnancy I am starting to feel some anxiety. I trust in our abilities as parents, it is more about the shock that will come with having a real life baby in this house! Having children is something I have always known I wanted, and after all these years of hypotheticals and the “someday” talks, it is really happening. Having this baby move around inside me somehow doesn’t make reality sink in. I wonder when it will. For some reason I feel like it will hit me when we leave the birth center and there is a baby in the back seat. A BABY! It is insane.

So as you can probably tell, things are pretty crazy around here. We are working hard to mentally and physically prepare for all the changes and hoping we can continue to get it all done. After four years of being together and getting the impossible accomplished, I think if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s us.

We would love to hear about any transitions/changes you are preparing for and how it is going. I hope you are all feeling the great motivation that comes with the new year and putting it into action. 2018 has so much potential- let’s make it the best year ever!

Have a great weekend!


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