Running Out, Stocking up, and Upcoming Sales

Running Out, Stocking up, and Upcoming Sales

If I wasn’t sure last week, I am today. We are 100% in the midst of the holiday rush! We hit 207 orders for this month last night and we are fully (I hope!) prepared to work every day from now until December. Luckily, this is technically our fourth Christmas and we have learned a lot. Here is a snapshot of the last three:


2014: We had just moved to North Carolina and opened the Etsy shop. We had a total of 14 orders between November and December on Etsy (Amazon wasn’t offering handmade yet) and sold Christmas trees at a coffee shop to make ends meet. Somehow we thought we were busy.


2015: The rush hit us when we were not even close to ready for it. Based on the prior year and the typical 100 order month we figured we might hit 300 orders. We hit 752 between Nov. 1 and Dec. 15th and had to close with 120 orders open so we could finish everything in time for Christmas.


2016: We were ready! Unfortunately we were more ready than we needed to be. We had 1500 thank you cards and over 400 signs made with a full stock of supplies. We ended up with less than 500 orders and missed the mark on which signs needed to be stocked up, leaving us with lots of leftovers.

TODAY: We are at 207 orders between all of our channels. We are feeling mentally prepared but we could improve on our actual preparedness

Running Out? We are pretty good at restocking supplies as they get low (bubble wrap, thank you cards, twine, backings, etc) but sometimes we aren’t fully prepared for the other stuff. For example, we ordered 500 wood rounds for ornaments and we are already getting low. We have another batch on its way so hopefully we are all set- we would hate to run out!

Stocking up: As I noted, more blank ornaments are on the way! We also have a huge order of bubble wrap coming. It’s tough to order so much ahead of time because of the space it takes up, but who needs space when there’s a baby on the way?

Now the exciting news- UPCOMING SALES! We have TWO you can look out for!

The first one is our part in a site-wide sale on Etsy. Nov. 20th-Dec. 1st is the time to buy from all your favorite makers. Our sale provides 15% off an order of $50 or more with no exclusions. Remember- we still have free shipping to anywhere in the US too! [Offer Code: SIMPLYHOLIDAY]

The second sale is on social media. If you like our page, take a picture of your Simply Pallets product, then tag us with the hashtag #MySimplyPallets we will message you a code for 15% off your next purchase!

So that’s it! I am ready to down some coffee and head into the studio. I hope you other makers are having a wonderful and busy holiday season. Everyone else- enjoy it. Christmas AND Thanksgiving! If you can, support your small businesses and spread some handmade cheer.

Have a great weekend!


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