Blueberry Jam Recipe

Blueberry Jam Recipe


When we found out our future home had 28 mature blueberry bushes, we could not believe it! We had visited during the winter and there was nothing in the original listing. Needless to say, we were thrilled! With all those blueberries, we decided that in addition to the pancakes and bread we should make some jam for ourselves (plus it makes great Christmas gifts!). This recipe was quick, simple, and most importantly- delicious!

**If you plan to can the jam to store without refrigeration, scroll down to read how to prep the jars and lids.


Three parts Blueberries

One part Sugar


1. Measure out the amount of berries you would like to use for the recipe. We used 12 cups, which gave us about 72 ounces of jam. 

2. Throw the blueberries into a pan on medium/high heat. You can mash them before you put them in, but we found that they became easier to mush down as they heated up. 

3. Next, measure an equal amount of sugar as you had berries. We had 3 cups of blackberries, so we measured 3 cups of sugar. 

4. Slowly stir in the sugar to the berries as they continue to heat up. You should quickly have a syrupy mixture. 

5. Allow the mixture to stay at a rolling boil for about 10 minutes then put on low heat to simmer for another 15. The time should be adjusted for amount of berries (for example, we used 12 cups of berries so ours boiled for 15 minutes then simmered for another 20). 

6. While the berries are simmering you may choose to mix in a teaspoon of salt. Some say that this adds to the taste. 

7. Spoon into jars and enjoy!


IF YOU ARE CANNING YOUR JAM INSTEAD OF KEEPING IT TO USE RIGHT AWAY follow regular canning procedures. Since the mixture is very hot you can skip the boiling and use a simpler method. While you are cooking the berries put the jars you are using into the oven at 250 degrees. Let your lids sit in a hot bath. Once your jam is done you can spoon the mixture into the heated jars (just be careful, they're hot!). Seal the lid tightly and flip the full jar over. The heat from the jam will seal the lid so it is safe to store without refrigeration.


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