Buying Time: Message from a #farmher

Buying Time: Message from a #farmher

A few months ago we started selling some of our produce. We started with eggs, then added in vegetables and fruits as they became ready. A gentleman went out of his way to let me know that "Walmart is a better buy". This is what I say to you, Facebook man:
We raise rabbits, ducks, and chickens. Every day we feed them, we change their water, we clean their coop, we take care of any illnesses. We love them.
Those animals produce manure, which we then shovel into buckets, carry across the property, and dump into a compost pile. That compost? It's a pile of scraps we add to every day, a pile that gets turned over weekly, a pile that is then shoveled into rows in the garden. 
We plant seeds. We painstakingly care for them, trying to make them all mature (sometimes unsuccessfully), watering them and making sure they are getting just the right amount of nutrients. At some point down the line the ones that grow enough are transplanted to the garden, where they continue to get cared for for weeks. 
We grow organically because we care about what we eat. That means trying to control for pests and pulling weeds for HOURS with no chemicals. 
Once we have vegetables to pick, its a daily task of going through the garden to pick them, bringing them in to clean, and then storing or turning them into something else. A recent favorite of mine is zucchini bread. That means I am taking eggs from those ducks, pairing that with a zucchini grown in the soil nourished by their waste, and taking more hours to mix and bake bread. 
So let me tell you, anonymous Facebook man. I am a proud #farmher. I work my butt off every day to take care of everything that goes into my plants, to pick them, and then to make them available to other people. So you think Walmart is a better buy? That's fine. At Walmart you buy blueberries. But from farmers and gardeners like us? You're buying time. And I like to think that's worth a whole lot more.
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You go girl!!!! Mr. Facebook man, i hope you learned something from this hardworking farmer who isn’t putting chemicals into her family’s bodies like you are on the “better” buy at Walmart.

Cynthia Hughes

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