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Alyssa Hughes

Artist and Owner

Alyssa is the lead artist and co-owner of Simply Pallets. She loves finding inspiration all over the world, using her artistic talents to create rustic style in the most unexpected places!

Alyssa was born and raised in Connecticut before moving to North Carolina in 2014. She earned a Master's degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University while fulfilling over six years of duty with the Army National Guard. After spending years working towards a predictable 9-5 career, she met Matt and became inspired by his adventurous spirit. At times being driven by an extreme work ethic and need for progress, she is grounded by the fun and more laid-back dedication Matt provides.

Alyssa's rustic style and artistic talent was highlighted when she discovered her ability to paint with wood stain. Painting free-hand, Alyssa creates permanent, water-proof images directly on the reclaimed wood, using various colors to create shading and depth. Complimenting her art pieces are the rustic signs, painted in both wood stain and acrylic paint to add differing styles to the store. Alyssa's passion is to create home decor that will be enjoyed in homes of all styles, whether you prefer rustic sea life, mountain-style decor, or fun shabby chic pieces.


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