About Matt

About Matt

Matt Hughes

Builder and Owner

Matthew Hughes is the lead carpenter and co-owner of Simply Pallets. He enjoys transforming reclaimed wood that may otherwise be thrown away into beautiful furniture and functional home decor.

Born and raised in Woodbury, Connecticut, Matt did not move to North Carolina until the summer of 2014. Working as a photographer for years without finding his true passion, Matt tried a series of jobs before finding his love of creating.  Always a man interested in working with his hands, Matt quickly progressed in his skills and took the lead role in the workshop. 

In addition to constructing wine racks, shelving, and all of Alyssa's canvases, he uses his photography skills to capture pictures of every piece for customers on Etsy, Amazon, and all social media sites. He also handles the finances, a part of the job Alyssa would rather do without. Together they work towards a common goal while understanding each others strengths and weaknesses. Both take on a lead role while supporting the other, a key factor in running a business as a husband and wife team. 


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