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Since starting our @SimplyPallets social media pages I have struggled. Struggled with what pages to join and what to post on them. Do I share our lives or do I just share our products? If I share our lives, how much? Do I share photos of our home and our family? Do I share homestead activities or only the business side?

In 2016 I asked that very question to a panel of entrepreneurs at the Etsy Up Conference. I said I felt our story was a part of our brand but I didn't know if it had a place online. I was given different answers by two very successful people. I got nowhere. 

After talking to Matt about the future of our shop and our brand we came to a decision. We want to share our lives with you! BUT we do not want to cause confusion on the page for people who are only interested in the business. That led to the creation of @SimplyPalletsHome.

For now this is only a change on Instagram as Facebook will still be integrated. @SimplyPalletsHome will be the page we use to share finished products and progress pictures. @SimplyPallets will be used more as a personal page, where we will share the "behind the scenes" of us- the makers, the homesteaders, the family. 

To kick off the change we will be giving away a "Bloom where you are planted" sign! Just follow @SimplyPallets and @SimplyPalletsHome to enter! Better yet- let us know what you think! We are always trying to improve and hearing from you is by far the best way to do that :)

Have a Happy Monday!


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  • Great idea!

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