Our Story

Our Story

We are so excited to welcome you to SimplyPallets.com! Simply Pallets started as an unexpected adventure we are still amazed to be on. Through a mutual love of creating, the desire to live simply, and the constant pushing of each other, our dream has become a reality.

During the summer of 2014 Matt and I worked in an office. While surfing the web during some down time he came across a DIY site with instructions on how to build a pallet wine rack. A few hours after he had gone home I received a text with a picture of his completed project. I was impressed! We decided we wanted to try more, and that weekend I was re-finishing a globe while Matt made a table. We gifted the globe to his grandmother and posted the table online- it sold to a family member within minutes.

Over the next couple of months we kept building. It didn't take long before I discovered my ability to paint with wood stain, and suddenly we were making custom pieces ordered through our Facebook page. It was during that time we decided to move to North Carolina, at which point we began selling most of our possessions along with our pallet pieces. By the end of August we had sold almost everything. We quit our jobs and drove to North Carolina where we had already signed a lease on an apartment we had never seen.

We still hadn't found jobs so the pallet art/furniture took on a whole new meaning. Suddenly it wasn't a hobby or something fun on the side- it was the only way we knew to pay our rent. We started building on our 5' x 7' deck and turned the second bedroom into an art studio. Luckily, we had a pretty amazing landlord.

Within a few weeks we had artwork hanging in a local cafe- our first consignment opportunity! We even found a man who would let us use his workshop! It was difficult building in one place and painting/packaging in another, but we got used to it. Three months later, in November, we had our first Etsy sale. We sold Christmas trees to make the money we needed to keep pushing. Simply Pallets as a full-time career finally seemed within reach.

We spent the beginning of the year learning everything we could. We learned about SEO, photography, titles, descriptions- anything we could get our hands on. It worked. April  of 2015 was the first month we had a sale every day. 

We had reached a point of consistency in online sales and we were ready to make the next move. We built a tiny house! From May until September we spent every day running our store while building our new dwelling (check out the tiny house articles for more details). We moved into our 219 sq. ft. home on September 1, 2015. Our business was averaging over 150 orders a month, we were traveling the world, and now we were living in our first home- all because of Simply Pallets.

Today we live on 9 acres in Marion, North Carolina with our daughters Camryn and Kya, our dog Macy, ducks, chickens, roosters, and rabbits. We spend our days creating home decor, furniture, and art. We live as sustainably as possible, growing food in our garden, collecting eggs, gathering fruit, and raising meat. Using what we have available we try to create and share easy and healthy recipes. We always have big dreams of traveling the world and growing as a company, but for now we are living the family farm life and loving it. 


Most recently, we were inspired to start a baby clothing line. Inspired by our oldest daughter Camryn, we call it BarefootBaby Clothing based on her always-bare feet and her love of nature. Our designs feature a lot of the same things that inspire Simply Pallets- nature, our animals, and a simple lifestyle. 


If you had told us this would be our life a few years ago we would have laughed, but this is our reality. Doing so much is not always the easiest, but it has been more rewarding than we could have ever imagined. We are so grateful that you are sharing it with us :) 

If you would like to share comments or ask any questions, please comment below. We can't wait to hear from you!


Alyssa and Matt 


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It was really sweet meeting you on the trail today! Good luck in your life and business and if you are ever in No California look us up


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