#ThisWeek 4.21.2017

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Happy Friday everyone!

This is our second #thisweek, but the first time it has been published on the right day (yay!). 


So sadly, most of our plans didn't happen. I was sick for a couple days and when that gets paired with rainy weather I am pretty useless. No ornaments or new Mother's day signs happened, but new Christmas signs did. I have no idea where this Christmas spirit is coming from but I have learned that if I have the urge to paint something I should do it right then and there.




The good news- we made some new strides on our candles. That's right- CANDLES! We have been slowly but surely working on the idea since we moved into our house. We started by testing fragrances, then we tried different jars, wicks, and wax. We got a few winners and sent them out to some testers. We also priced out everything and got our suppliers down, so once we hear from the testers we can finalize the packaging and list some scents. We can't wait!


On the personal side we also hit a slump. We didn't hear from our topsoil person so the garden is still half done but we are keeping our fingers crossed. We did find an awesome wood beam in our yard that we turned into a mantle. A lot of you probably saw it, and thank you to those who did! It was awesome to hear from you.

Now the Macy update! She is officially 20 lbs, she is teething, and she is definitely getting brave. We found her in the chicken coop yesterday! I just about had a heart attack! Somehow she didn't care about the chickens and the rooster didn't care about her so we safely got her out and secured the spot where she got in.








Plans for this week- at this point getting anything accomplished would be an improvement. We have a stack of family signs to finish, plenty of ornaments to make, and I am still hoping for some big art pieces. We will see!

Thanks for reading! To those who made it all the way through enjoy this 15% off coupon right in time for Mother's day! Enter "LoveMom17" when you check out! Until next week!



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  • Your updates are always interesting.nice to hear from you by way of fb. Miss you.

    Gramma on

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