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Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been full of ups and downs to the point that I hardly know what to say.

We started off strong. We were doing well balancing the steady stream of orders (things are typically slow from Jan-Mar) with our work around the house, and things were looking up. We even got to start the week with coffee out on the porch looking over the mountains.

But then things started to get crazy. It rained EVERY DAY. Almost all day! When a lot of your work typically happens outside that can put a serious damper on things. Luckily we were able to keep up but it definitely affected our mood. Working and living with your spouse can be wonderful but it can also be really tough. Every once in a while things hit a breaking point and the rain pushed us to ours. It wasn't fun.

We also got a lot of custom orders. For me, these are double sided. It can be really fun creating them, but they definitely slow me down. The paintings I have been making forever tend to go quickly, so throwing a bunch of custom orders in the mix can be a real motivation killer. Again paired with the rain, it was tough.

Last but not least- the real madness. Yesterday we got a call from our insurance agency saying the huge old barn on our property either needs to be torn down or repaired by the beginning of June or we will lose our home insurance. WHAT!?

We did NOT see that coming. 

The silver lining is that we were planning to tear the barn down anyway then rebuild a workshop. But we thought we had time! So now it's officially coming down, and somehow all that needs to happen amidst all the orders, the housework, the puppy training, and who knows what else. AH!

So that rolls us into next week. Honestly, I think I need to stop saying what I think will happen because it inevitably doesn't happen. All I know is Matt turns 30 next Saturday and we will have to pause the madness to celebrate. 


Here's the Macy pic of the week. This girl brings us a lot of smiles between all the stress, and we are thankful for it :)


Until next week! 







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