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I didn't even make it one month. ONE! I totally forgot to post last Friday but it is for a good reason- we had family visiting!

The last two weeks have been really crazy with a lot of highlights. First of all, Matthew turned THIRTY! I am 28 so I can still talk about how old that is :) His parents and grandmother came down to visit and it was amazing! We got to show them the house, drive around and see some sites, and of course celebrate the special day. This is the 4th birthday I have celebrated with Matt and on one hand it sounds crazy to have met him when he was 26, but on the other hand I cannot believe its been so few! His present from me is a helicopter tour of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so you know I'll be sharing pictures of that next week!

We also finished up the garden! We had 6 cubic yards of dirt brought in and within a day and a half we had shoveled it, bucket by bucket, into the rows. Macy loved it- us not so much. After everything though it was so nice to see it done! We planted the seedlings we had started in our mudroom so it is officially off and running now. Our blueberry and blackberry bushes are also coming in, and we are starting to see some plums forming. We are going to be eating very well this year!

In addition to the normal work we had some great new custom orders come through and we finished up some others. One such project was this rooster painting. We had been contacted by a woman on Etsy asking for a donation. This happens a lot so we don't always go forward, but when we heard it was for an organization back home in Connecticut we had to! If you're in that area, you should be able to find this (finished) beauty displayed at the Durham Fair at the poultry show. 

Last but not least, we had a fantastic opportunity come our way! We will be creating some signs for the USO South Pacific themed Memorial Day event at the Biltmore Estate at the end of the month! Better yet- we are attending! I cannot wait to make these signs and to be able to actually see them on display. I will be sharing pictures whenever I can!


Of course there is also time for Macy to make her way in here! She is growing like a weed and we are just crazy about her. If I can go through the day and only take 3-5 pictures I am on the low side. She is getting big which means she can now go on longer hikes (good) and get on the couch by herself (not so good). She still doesn't seem to understand the chickens, but she has a great time on the property. We just love her :)






Okay that's it! Thank you so much for reading #thisweek! Have a wonderful day! PS if anyone understands formatting on Shopify I would LOVE help un-jumbling this mess!


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  • What an amazing week!

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