#ThisWeek 5.19.2017

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This week... definitely one of those times where you look back and you truly don't understand how you're still standing to tell about it. So much happened!

I'll start with the fun part- Matt's birthday present. We went on a helicopter tour of the Blue Ridge Mountains and it was absolutely incredible. We highly recommend going if you are ever in the area, especially in the fall. The colors will be amazing!

Now for the craziness- priority number one this week was getting a jump on tearing down the barn on our property. To make a long story short, the insurance company said the building was a liability that either needed to be fixed or torn down. Luckily we were planning to tear it down anyway so we could rebuild a workshop in the same spot, it's just unfortunate we now only have a few weeks to do it.

For those of you who follow us on social media you have probably seen the quick progress. It's really nice that it is going quickly and so far we have had no major injuries, but tearing down a building with just two people while trying to run a business and a home is pretty tiring. Needless to say when we went out for burgers and milkshakes yesterday it felt like just what the doctor ordered.

In addition to the barn Matt has been doing a fantastic job keeping up our garden. I say Matt because I literally have done nothing since we planted. He has been weeding and watering on a daily basis and it is paying off. 

I swear work has been happening too. For better or for worse we had a lot of custom orders come in over the last 2 weeks. Luckily the other orders started to slow down, but big custom orders never fail to throw me off my game. Starting from scratch, measuring everything out, then getting to work and making the inevitable changes people request once they actually see their order is daunting. Custom orders are the priority today so if any of you are waiting on one you will have it soon :) We are also getting close to finishing up our signs for the Biltmore Estate! I hope they are well received because I am so excited to be able to work with the people there! 





 That's it! Highlights for next week will include work, hopefully some new products and probably the Donut Festival in Marion (because why not?). Keep your fingers crossed- we might even be done with the barn by then!


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