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This week has been a blur to the point where I am not sure whether or not you can really tell from our social media. On all fronts- work, the garden, the property, personal life- all have all been a whirlwind of activity this past week.

Work has been steady, and when you rely on consistency to pay the bills it is really great to have a good month. What is even more important though is really getting something out of it. On some level this happens every day of course, but some projects stick out more than others. This week we got to recreate a sea turtle painting from a couple years ago and our first try wasn't the best. The receiver of the painting held us to the standard she deserved and we met it. Believe me, working to make a custom order exactly right can be difficult and it isn't always fun. However, people who can give us some constructive criticism raise the bar and it is honestly very appreciated.

We also finished two signs for the Memorial Day Event at the Biltmore Estate this upcoming Sunday!! We are so incredibly excited to have made the signs, but also about the fact that we will be attending the event! We cannot wait to see our signs in action while meeting new people and enjoying the beauty of the estate.

In other news, it has been raining like crazy here! That means tearing down the barn has been mostly in between showers, but it also means the garden is growing like crazy! Along with all of the vegetables Matt has planted we also have tons of berries, apples, and pears growing. We cannot wait until we can start having our fill on our morning walks.

The barn is almost finished! We have a small part of one wall still up but Matt finished clearing the debris today so it looks fantastic. We managed to fill an entire dumpster up while stacking piles and piles of wood to salvage over the last week and we are so glad. Once we get the dumpster out of the way it's time to cut up the bigger pieces and transport them to our burn pit. Hopefully we will get down to the foundation by the beginning of next week, and that means we can take a break!









On the personal side Matt and I have had a great week of teamwork (with Macy too of course!). When you have so much going on any disagreements can cause a lot of problems, so when you have a smooth week like we did it is really satisfying. 

I guess that's really how I feel about the whole week- satisfied. We made an appearance at the Donut Festival as planned, we went on a hike with Macy, and we also got a TON of stuff done without experiencing total burnout. That feeling must be contagious because I am pretty sure Macy is feeling the same way on our wood pile in this picture. I hope your week was the same way- no matter what your "wood pile", I hope it was conquered.

Thank you so much for reading! We hope you have an amazing weekend!


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