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Usually when I write these I have to look through social media so I can make sure I am only going over what happened in the last 7 days. This week it was more like, "What the heck did we even do this week?" 

Our biggest accomplishment by far was finishing the barn demo on Tuesday. We are officially down to a foundation and lots of stacked wood. We had a whole dumpster of debris cleared and the rest of the wood was burned. We got the green light from our insurance company yesterday (woo!), so now we are slowly but surely removing the nails from our salvaged pieces in the hopes of using the wood in future projects. Believe me, there are a lot of them!

We had a couple of other great highlights to the week! On Sunday night we attended the Biltmore Estate Memorial Day event where our signs were showcased. As an online retailer who doesn't get to see their signs in action most days this was really exciting, and it being at the Biltmore made it even better. We had a great time listening to the Liberty Bells, eating the southern Pacific style food, and watching the fireworks.

Another highlight of the week was winning a box of goodies from our friends at True North Homestead. We got an entire list of amazing items like an essential oil bracelet, goat milk soaps, and maple syrup. We cannot wait to try everything! If you are interested in watching this amazing family homestead like we are, follow them on Facebook.com/TrueNorthHomesteadCT


Work wise we were busy but nothing too crazy. Father's day orders are picking up and we even had time to create a few new products like this "Isn't she lovely" sign. We also go to make 50 ornaments (only 450 to go!) and made a few great custom wedding signs.


That was basically it! Of course there was a lot of yard work, gardening, and playing with Macy that happened in between. Today is our 3 month anniversary living in our house and we are pretty satisfied with what we have accomplished here so far. We absolutely love our home and are so happy to share it with all of you. 

We hope you have an amazing week!



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