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Happy Friday, everyone!

The last few weeks have been pretty scary for us, so I wanted to let you know what’s going on (don’t worry- the baby is fine!). September and October are notoriously slow compared to other months. Now that we have two years to look back on it came as no surprise. Unfortunately this year wasn’t holding up, even to those standards, and panic set it.

As small business owners we compete. We compete with other handmade shops, small retail stores, and of course the big corporations. Many times that competition makes us better (yay free shipping!!), but other times it makes us boring (sad face). What do I mean by that?

When Matt and I started Simply Pallets it was all about his furniture and my pallet art. He made AWESOME tables and desks, even creating some that could come apart so that we could get them shipped easily. He also made beautiful headboards, some of which we collaborated on and even added lights to. I was always making pallet art and almost never made a sign unless it was custom. Now three years later, Matt hasn’t listed a piece of furniture in at least a year and I am lucky to get out one piece of pallet art made a month.

So what changed? We got comfortable. We found a good balance between the made to order pieces everyone liked and our original work, but then the made to order just got too easy. Too easy in that we knew it would sell. We didn’t have to come up with original ideas all the time and it meant we could make more products faster. It made us efficient, but I am sad to say that I am not really sure how much we stand out any more.

So today we are letting you know that big changes are coming. Good changes! Scary changes! Changes that when you think about it, aren’t really changes at all. We are just getting back to our roots. Back to basics! We are so excited to get back to the old stuff- the originality, the variety. We are also scared about where it could lead, but we have to pull back and stay true to ourselves. That is what got us here in the first place so it can’t be too bad!

We hope you will support us as we make the transition. Don’t be afraid to let us know what you think we should keep or what can go today with no consequence! Leave your comments below or on upcoming posts- just don’t stay silent! You are our best resource, and that is one fact we have known to be true since day one J

We hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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