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Happy Friday!

I am a few days away from the third trimester so I wanted to give a quick update on how this pregnancy is going. We finished the “nursery” yesterday which I deemed “Camryn’s Corner” since we currently have no room for a nursery and instead have utilized a corner in our bedroom (we are really thankful to have a big bedroom for this!). My genius best friend thought that “Camryn’s Corner” sounded like a great name for a blog section and here we are!

 I don’t want to give you weekly pregnancy updates but I think it could be a really great section to share some parenting lessons, stories, or whatever else this little girl gives us. Who knows, maybe she could end up writing it herself someday! In the meantime, I wanted to share the little space that inspired it all.

It all started with that rug! I found it on Amazon when I was looking for bear décor and I fell in love with the colors. After I ordered that I made a few paintings to match it then things got pretty simple from there.  I got so many wonderful gifts at my baby shower that worked so well with everything else, from the gorgeous handmade blankets to every adorable outfit!

In terms of the pregnancy, things are going pretty well. My nausea is mostly gone and most days I still have energy. On days I am tired though I am totally drained and my mood tends to be all over the place. We are almost done with our birth classes, I have gained a healthy amount of weight, and I am feeling very happy and excited about Camryn’s arrival. To top it off all of the grandparents have officially booked their flights and as a planner I am very glad to have that all figured out. Matt is still feeling good about everything- no freak outs yet! I love watching him feel her kick and drink out of his "Camryn's dad" mug which I am pretty jealous of!

I guess that’s it! This blog wasn’t nearly as exciting as I was hoping but I will get the hang of it :) If you want to give us any parenting tips leave them in the comments below. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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  • Just LOVE that picture of Macy saying come on Mom, play with me!! looking forward to your next blog! How was the parenting advice we all gave you on those cards at the shower? I would love to know what people said….be well my dear

    Sandy on
  • Parenting tip: continue to listen to your best friend for blog/baby ideas :)

    Lisa on

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