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Believe me, if you had any negative thoughts when you read the title this week I was right there with you. Posting Christmas decor in August and the beginning of September is something we have never done and probably said we would never do. I guess I finally understand those big box stores. When you start to see everyone else do it you begin to worry that if you don't you could lose out. So here they are! Here are pictures of ALL the NEW Christmas decor we are offering this year.



I have to admit- these cacti might be my favorite new edition. We knew we were going to add a lot more ornaments this year (as you will see), but doing something totally different and colorful was a lot of fun.

This pineapple was an idea given to us by a friend and like the cacti I thought it was super cute!

Our wood rounds this year are a little different from before. The last 2 years we used pine wood we dried on our own and besides the fact that we never had enough they were super thick and didn't always dry properly. This year we matched up with Roy's Rustic Rounds in South Carolina, another Etsy seller who offered solid oak wood rounds that were thin and properly dried. Paired with our our new options written in wood stain, they still have the same natural look and can still be hung inside or outside the home. 

Okay I might have been wrong about the colorful ones- this is my favorite! This moose design was recommended by my sister-in-law and is so great because it reminds us of Maine. It keeps with our rustic style and is also painted with wood stain so it is a great new option that really shows what we do.

 I hope you love all these new signs! The two Santa paintings are listed as quantity one, but anything with words is made to order and should be available through December.

**Please note: There is a good possibility I will be the size of a whale in another month or two so we may be limiting some quantities and custom orders. If you know what you want we highly suggest ordering early! All three of us will appreciate it :)


Now for that stuff I said I would start including!

Hikes this week:

Pilot Mountain

What I'm Reading:

The Smartest Kids in the World, Amanda Ripley

on deck: Challenge of Crime, Henry Ruth & Kevin Reitz

Baby Update:

21 Weeks on Monday! I am slowly starting to look pregnant and not like I had a big lunch. I also finished all of Camryn's nursery signs so it is starting to feel very real. We are so excited! She is going to be here before we know it!

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  • Great post! Love all the new items! Especially the Santa signs and the cactus ornaments.

    Katen on

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