#THISWEEK: Feeling Scattered

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It’s Friday AGAIN! And of course that means I almost forgot to write a post for the second week in a row. I should probably start doing these ahead of time but let me tell you- my mind is all over the place right now! We have been pretty busy the last two weeks, so I’ll let you in on what has been going on.

First of all, Matt has been pretty much living on the tractor. If you haven’t heard we bought it a couple weeks ago in the hopes of building our own workshops and clearing/leveling some of our land to create an orchard, expand the work areas, etc. He has already made a lot of progress, but a few days on that means we are a few days behind on the work side.

So the last couple snowy days have been all about Matt catching up on work so I can stay ahead. I am 39 weeks pregnant on Monday and that means she can be here ANY DAY! We have still been taking custom orders which might make us a little crazy, but we hate to close ahead of time and then she stays comfy for another couple weeks. So we are trying to do what we always do- work hard, be smart, and know that we will figure it out no matter what happens. The good news? We got the spring listings drafted so you should be seeing those very soon!

Of course the biggest thing on my mind right now is our little girl. Like every new mom I am feeling every symptom wondering if that is the big sign labor is near. I feel like a ticking time bomb! I’ve done the cleaning, the packing, and now we are just waiting. I am so ready for her to arrive so we can get to the next phase of craziness!  

In lighter news, I am very much looking forward to the spring. We may not have a very long winter in North Carolina, but with the cooler temperatures we definitely hold back on doing some of our favorite things. I cannot wait for the warm temperatures of March and April to arrive so we can get back into regular hiking and camping. I want to buy a grill and start having cook outs! We have so many plans for this year and I truly cannot wait to share them all with you.

I hope you are all staying warm and looking forward to this weekend!


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