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15 days ago our daughter was born, and mentally I am still in disbelief. You would think being pregnant for nine months and going through 27 hours of un-medicated labor would be a hint that this is all real, but it honestly seems like someone dropped this beautiful girl into my life out of nowhere and gave me the honor of being her mom.

I am not going to get into all of the details, but the labor was insane. It was pretty textbook for a first time mom in the sense of the pain and how long it lasted, but it is still something that is pretty much impossible to mentally prepare for. Matt and I went through something that made us feel so weak yet so strong at the same time. When they placed her on my chest we were both in shock that it was over, amazed we made it through, and thrilled that our daughter made it into the world safely. She opened her eyes to look at us right away, and we were instantly in awe of what we had created.

Whether it has been our flexible schedules, a laid back baby, realistic expectations, or a combination of all three, we have had a great time these last fifteen days. We have pretty much gotten into a schedule of feedings, diaper changes, naps, awake time, cuddle time, reading, and everything else that comes with raising a newborn. She has seamlessly fit into our lives and we enjoy her both together and as individuals. Even Macy accepted her right away! We feel so happy and lucky to be the parents of this little girl.

As we move forward in the year, we have so many things to look forward to. We will continue to watch our daughter grow. We will celebrate our first full year in our first home, and our first year with Macy. We will show you the spring décor we have been working on, produce more artwork and furniture, and start to break ground on our outbuildings. We will watch our seedlings grow in the basement and prepare to put them into the garden. We will continue to clear land for our orchard. We will take our first family vacation, our first camping trip, and embark on countless other adventures.

Life is what you make it, and right now, life is looking pretty great :)

We hope you all have a weekend full of happiness, love, and adventure!


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  • ….never let any moment or any event disappoint your whole day. You are blessed and living life and living the dream. Never forget, never let go. Amazing. You are amazing.

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