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Good morning, everyone!

The last two weeks has been a whirlwind and though I sound like a broken record, we are still trying to catch up. I thought we were fine, but then we had more family visit for a few days shortly after we returned home from Maine and it turns out we didn't leave ourselves enough time in between. Unfortunately that means some of our items have been shipped right at the two week mark which is very unlike us. As I mentioned last week we sincerely appreciate everyone's patience and it looks like as of TODAY (finally!!!) we will be back on track.

Now for good news- we have new products coming! Since Matt makes all of the canvases I sometimes have to wait for him before I can start my orders. This week that meant I got some new paintings done AND made some progress on the ornaments! We are waiting for a Christmas tree to arrive this afternoon so we can get all of our holiday listings up and I cannot wait to get that task completed.

In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of two signs we will be listing this weekend!


I have to say, I have felt so incredibly inspired by some of the amazing Etsy sellers I follow on Instagram. Between the fall decor, the candles, the adorable fabric pumpkins- it has all made me realize where I want the store to go in the next year or two. Matt and I have had plans for progress before but moving and then getting busy has always seemed to get in the way. This may be wishful thinking with a baby on the way, but I really hope we can get ourselves together and push forward in time for the next holiday season.

In other news...

I realized I stopped posting Macy updates, and now I figure some people might want a (really quick) baby update too! So for our Macy, she is now 45 pounds and getting huge! She swam voluntarily for the first time in Maine and she is officially sad for the end of blueberry season. 

In terms of the baby, I am 18 weeks on Monday! I am feeling good and have more energy so I am feeling much more mentally ready for the prep weeks ahead. We also find out the gender NEXT FRIDAY so look for that in our next blog post!


That's it! I hope you are all looking forward to a fun filled weekend, even if you didn't become 758 million dollars richer on Wednesday :)



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