Spring signs are here!

Spring signs are here!

I am two weeks late, but the spring signs are finally here! We weren’t able to get all the signs out that we were hoping for, but considering the circumstances I guess it’s alright :)

“Basil”, “Thyme”, “Sage” herb signs

These are my favorite signs of the season! I took a little inspiration from the herbs growing in our own yard and put them into our rustic style. It was really fun to add the colorful acrylic component and overall I think that splash of green adds a lot to the signs.


“Bloom where you are planted” Watercolor/Acrylic painting

I was really excited about this one! I tried using watercolor for the first time last year and realized I am not very good at it! That being said I still love to incorporate it in little ways, and this sign was perfect for that. We now offer the sign with the option for either flower on all platforms.

Chicken Silhouettes

This one was inspired by those crazy chickens outside, and the many chicken enthusiasts we have met over the last year. We asked you to vote on whether or not to paint the frames white and the stained option was the clear winner. Though if you you have your eye on these and would prefer the white frames just ask!

“Hand-picked tomatoes 10 cents”

I was so excited to make this sign! Like the “basil”, “thyme”, and “sage” signs I was able to incorporate a more realistic acrylic component with some fun text. I really enjoyed bringing color into our standard design, and I think it was really highlighted by the warm stain of the wood.

“You are my sunshine” Acrylic/Watercolor painting

I hesitated to list this one as it is not my favorite design. But like the “bloom where you are planted” signs I was really excited to bring out the watercolor again. It might end up being revamped with acrylic, but for now this sign is still available!

“Let love grow” Watercolor/Acrylic painting

We have been doing a lot of gardening lately, and it got me back to this phrase of letting love grow. We are very thankful to have a house full of love, so pairing that with our spring time gardening seemed just right.

“Splish Splash I was taking a bath” Framed Bathroom sign

This sign was something fun I decided to make after reading an adorable book about ducks to Camryn. It is not made to order so once it sells that will be it, but I figured the style and color made it a great last piece to our spring line.

 That's it! We hope to have some more colorful signs and pallet art soon, but for now this is what we have. If you have any feedback or even suggestions for future pieces we would love to hear!

Have a great weekend!


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