#THISWEEK: The numbers are in, time to celebrate!

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After a few weeks of non-stop work, isolation from family and friends, and lots of “after the rush” additions to our to-do list, it’s time to join the land of the living! We are officially back to normal and ready to reflect on how we handled the holiday sales.

1163- That’s the number of orders between Nov. 1st and Dec. 20th. Our best guess? About 1800-2000 actual pieces.  Needless to say it was crazy! A lot of people have asked us how we are able to handle it, so I wanted to give a quick outline. Hopefully this helps other makers out there!

  1. Use the systems in place, or create new ones. We have made a lot of changes over the last few years but some of the basic ways we stay organized have always been the same. For example, we have folders for my regular orders, my expedited orders, Matt’s orders, and for orders ready to ship. In the ready to ship folder, if the paper is turned right it still needs to be packaged, but if it’s upright then it is all done and should have a weight written on it. Little things like that keep us organized even in the busiest times, and sticking to those systems helps both of us move forward smoothly no matter who has the order or how many come through.  Having systems allows for you not to have to stop your flow and think.  Thinking takes time and time equals money.
  2. Ignore the dishes. I mean this literally but it’s also a generalization that might have to be made. Making sure we were clean and fed took up any extra time we had leading to dishes piled up, dog fur in the corners, and loads of laundry growing in size every day. Prioritizing is key, regardless of which tasks you give the most importance.  Matt took this one step further... His record for not showering hit 4 days before I threw him in there!  
  3. Turn up the music. No matter what keeps you energized- do it. Whether its coffee, music, Podcasts, audio books, doesn’t matter. The goal is to try to find things to do where you can keep working but take some of the focus off. Finding multiples is even better- switching it up throughout the day can make 12 hours of work fly by.
  4. Keep going, one order at a time. For me this is easier said than done. It is hard not to look at a stack of a hundred open orders and freak out! With a few pep talks I finally got to the point where I just pushed the stack together and went one order at a time. I didn’t look forward, just kept pushing through. That approach took a lot less time than skimming through all the orders every hour wondering how I could possibly finish.
  5. Count down. When it comes to temporary rushes the end is always in sight. There are days/nights where it feels like it will never come but it always does. Count down, stay focused, and know that in the end it will all be worth it.

So that’s it! Those are a few things that helped get us through and now here we are. We are getting ready to enjoy the holidays, prep the house, and wait for Camryn to arrive in five short weeks. We cannot wait to share that journey with you, and in the meantime we hope you all have an amazing holiday! Enjoy the long weekend full of traditions, memories, friends, and family!!! You deserve it :)




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  • Glad you made it through! The top pic is my favorite, of course. :) Merry Christmas!

    Karen on

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