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Hi everyone! 

So if you haven't noticed we just completely redid the website, and along with that comes some content changes. I have been getting a little better at consistent social media and I feel like it's time to have a more consistent blog too. 

So from now on, every Friday morning I will be posting a blog that talks about what we accomplished that week, and what the plans are for the next week. Writing that it sounds kind of boring, but I swear it will be fun! Below is a condensed version of #thisweek for April 8-14 just to give you an idea. Enjoy!


Whenever Matt and I look back on the week it feels like a month has passed- I guess that is what happens when you keep yourself busy every second of the day! The cool thing is that this week was HUGE for us, both personally and for business.



We started off the week by getting a ton of work done for Simply Pallets as well as our house. In terms of the business, we added to our growing amount of framed signs with some cool new pieces. This "adventure awaits" sign was a little scary for me because I am still such a newbie at watercolor and for some reason I have a hard time incorporating colors. But it worked enough for us to list it!


We also got to make some cute framed signs. I have mixed feelings on these because I absolutely love them but I feel like a ton of people are making this style right now. I would love any feedback on this. 

The final big work thing is that we secured an ad spot in Country Sampler for the November issue (released in October). This is a big leap for us that we have really been avoiding since so much happens online without spending a lot on marketing, but we are excited to work with them! We will be sending a Santa portrait, an ornament set, and these "Joy to the world" signs!

So now in case anyone is interested, I'll let you know what is happening with us! Just to catch up, we moved into our first home on March 2nd, so we have been settling in for a few weeks now. We have done a lot of the normal move-in things (fresh paint, decor, etc), but we also decided why not plant a garden that can feed an army? An exaggeration of course, but after laying out the cardboard, mulch, and shoveling rocks for the 44' x 36' monstrosity, it feels accurate! We still have plans for a giant strawberry patch and we need top soil for all of it, but it feels good to have this much done.


Now for the Macy update (I know I am corny but I just love her). She is getting big so fast! She is already almost 20 pounds! She is a little over 3 months old but she is already a seasoned hiker. She loves running around and for some reason eats dirt all day.





OKAY! Last but not least, what are the PLANS for next week? I have to stress plans because if you know us, you know we have a lot of them. A lot of them happen, but not always how we expect.

SO the PLAN for this week is to put out some larger art pieces. I am talking 20" x 20" or more. We have had a lot of inquiries about sea turtles lately so we may go that route, but if there is another animal you would like to see (even if you don't plan on buying it) let us know!

We also hope to get more Christmas decor done. We still have over 400 wood rounds to make ornaments and I have a sewing machine I have been meaning to open since Christmas, so things could really happen! 

On the personal side, we are hoping to start our big strawberry patch and finish painting in the house. It would be a huge bonus if we could also find someone with the amount of top soil we need and get that done, but we will see!


Okay guys, you made it through. Thanks for reading about our (not so) simple life. Until next week!










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  • Love it….it helps keep me current with you…Wish you lived closer. Can’t wait to see you both again.

    Alan Bryant on
  • A fun read! Perfect length.

    Karen on

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