Life looks better from a swing, Outdoor baby onesie/t-shirt, Adventure baby clothing

  • $ 16.99

The excitement of a swing never gets old- there is just something about swinging as high as you can and feeling the wind on your face. As children it is one of our first playground toys having parents push us, and then the cycle continues with our own children until they are grown enough to swing high and jump off themselves. For those who are still enjoying our pushes, we have this simple onesie with a relatable message. Life looks better from a swing.

Sizes available include: 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-12M, 18-24M (onesies), 2T + 3T t-shirts

All onesies are made with a super soft polyester/cotton blend that won't shrink the second you put it in the dryer! The fabric is slightly thick and durable and the image is one with the shirt- that means no matter how many times you have to clean off dirt, bugs, or grass stains the image will remain.

**A note from BareFootBaby Clothing**
Thank you so much for visiting our store! We are a husband and wife team who started with a home decor business called Simply Pallets. As time passed we added to our family, and that meant the inspiration for outdoor-inspired clothing sparked! We took the nature-loving ideas from our signs and turned them into onesies your barefoot explorer will love!