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Handmade with reclaimed pallet wood, this shelf provides a functional and unique corner shelf. With enough room to hold multiple items, this shelf can be used to hold wine bottles and glasses in a dining room, a cable box and remotes in the living room, or pictures and candles in a bedroom. With so many options, this shelf is an extremely versatile piece!


• Handcrafted and painted by North Carolina artisans
• Created with naturally distressed, reclaimed wood
• Provides a rustic accent for any room in your home
• Dimensions: 28” across x 20" along the walls x 4" high

*This item is made to order. Variations in color and the number of boards used may occur depending on the wood available. Please contact us if you have specific requirements. Thanks!


**IF YOU NEED a hole drilled for any wires (cable box, TV, etc). please write that in the notes with the size hole you need. If you are unsure, we can help you decide!

Here is a short YouTube video from AmoreDesigns1 on how to hang shelves with keyhole hooks:
*If you have any questions about the video, just ask!


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