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Unique teacher gift | Outdoor Classroom sign

  • $ 29.00

Remind your students or family of what it's like to throw away technology and enjoy the outdoors! Being outside enjoying the sunshine is one of the best parts of life, but these days we may need a push to get out there!


• Handcrafted and painted by North Carolina artisans

• Created with naturally distressed, reclaimed wood
• Provides a rustic wall-hanging for any indoor OR outdoor space
• Dimensions: 11" x 13" OR 14" x 20"
*This item is made to order. Slight variations in color and the number of boards used may occur depending on the wood available.


 ******* Note from Matt and Alyssa

Thank you for visiting and supporting our shop! We are excited to be able to provide you with unique items that highlight repurposing and recycling.

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